WD My Cloud Home Duo Storage disc (My Cloud Home Duo)
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Launch a new cloud product that is completely under your control

New My Cloud Home storage devices can be directly connected to the Home wi-fi router, in order to you in a centralized location to easily save, organize and manage all digital content, and can be from any location via wireless access.

Use the USB port from external storage devices import photos and video has the massive storage space, you can put all the mobile phone, tablet, computer and external storage devices in the photos, video and documents centrally stored somewhere in the home. Simply connect the device to a wi-fi router and set it up using a smartphone. No need to use a computer.

Use MyCloud Home mobile and desktop applications or access MyCloud.com to stream your personal video anywhere and anytime on any device.

MY CLOUD HOME DUO - everything is saved twice

My Cloud Home ™ Duo is equipped with two pieces of hard disk, and set it to mirror mode (RAID 1), so all your photos, video and file will be stored on a hard disk and will be automatically copied to another piece of hard disk, to provide additional security, avoid the trouble back at Home that except you.

My Cloud Home Duo capacity
4 TB - 8 TB - 12TB-16 TB - 20TB

1 gigabit Ethernet port

My Cloud Home Duo - 2 USB ports (for import)

The LED light