WD MY CLOUD MIRROR(Gen 2) hard disk (MY CLOUD MIRROR(Gen 2))
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Cloud has a built-in backup plan

Access to home network reliable double hard disk personal storage devices. As long as there is an Internet connection, you can use any device access and share any content you need. Easily create a position for themselves and their friends and relatives, to collect and share memorable photos, don't let anyone miss the unforgettable moment.


How can help you My Cloud hard disk will be digital content arrangement in perfect order. Storage capacity of up to 16 TB, no matter how much you shoot photos, to record how many films and to establish how many files, can satisfy your requirements.

Equipped with two hard disks, and has set up to mirror mode (RAID 1), you are irreplaceable content will be stored in one of the hard disk, and automatically copied to the second hard drive.

Capacity: 4TB,6TB,8TB,12TB,16TB


Interface: gigabit Ethernet